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The water buffalo horn is collected from the domesticated animals who are brought to the abbatoir for human consumption.The scientific name is babulas bubalis.The chemical composition of horn is like human hair. it does not need to be stablised. It can be bleached,dyed,flamed and moulded.It is used from ages for making,or in-*gun grips,butts,powder horn,drinking horn,combs,hair pins,clips,beads,pendants,smoking pipes,shoe horn,optical frames,cutlery,golf tees,bowls and trays,handicrafts,sword parts,archery, jewellery,guitar nuts,saddle,pins and pick,door knobs and handles,antique restoration,

You will find the sizes,shape,jigging which are in our regular line of production. If you do not find the size,shape,jigging you are looking for,we can custom cut to your specifications.To get a quote please email what you are looking for and the quantity to

  • Horn Stag Jigged

    Horn Stag Jigged

    Buffalo horn is die pressed and flamed,the pattern is like imistag.

    $8.75 - $75.00